Raoul Middleman
Video Interviews

Raoul Middleman Interview Pt 1

Filmed overlapping the UMBC 2015 retrospective Raoul discusses painting from his home and studio/warehouse, featuring Ruth Channing Middleman. Part 2 below.

Filmmaker: Charles Payne is a former student of Raoul Middleman who has worked in the film and animation industry. He learned a lot from Raoul, who is a great teacher and a great man. He wanted to give something back.

Raoul Middleman Interview Pt 2

Raoul continues discusses painting from his home and studio/warehouse, including Ruth Channing Middleman tour of her printing and painting studio.

Troika Gallery Talk

Troika Gallery in Easton, MD host a discussion with Kevin Fitzgerald and Raoul Middleman, Master Painters. View the differences in the styles of student and teacher as they fascinate the crowd with their views of the art world.

Raoul Middleman: City Limits

Raoul Middleman explores his native Baltimore through art in "Raoul Middleman: City Limits," American University Museum 2012. WETA AROUNDTOWN panelist review his show.

Painter Raoul Middleman talks art

Cover artist and painter, Raoul Middleman, shares his audacious story at Oliver's Carriage House in Columbia, MD as part of Little Patuxent Review Audacity issue launch.

Raoul Middleman captures the grotesque.

Raoul Middleman, Baltimore based and world renown artists, doesn't exactly turn the camera on the interviewer but he sure does weild a brush. In this video Middleman talks technique and approach as he paints the videographer's portrait.

Raoul Middleman Interview | Towson University Spectrum WCBT 89.7

Raoul Middleman In the Mirror | Film by Phill Niblock

Visit Phill Niblock website at: www.phillniblock.com

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Slideshow of Raoul painting the Domino Harbor building